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How to get correct input and output connector for your Power adapter

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Update time : 2021-01-08 14:53:22

Power supplies have both input and output voltages,so they have related input and output connectors.In this article we only provide some normally used connectors information,for detailed information please contact ShenZhen Top Power Co.,Ltd. sales team.

                                                                                       AC Plugs and Power Cords 
Ac plugs and Power Cords selection is based on two points:
a) The power adapters are going to be used in which countries.
b) The appliances require two contacts or three contacts.
For fixed AC plug power adapters,the AC plugs must match with local AC sockets,otherise it cann't be connected with AC mains.
If you want one power adapter can be used worldwide, 
interchangeable plug style plower adapter with optional plugs can be a good choice.

For desktop power adapters,the AC connection is with a power cord. Many desktop power adapters with AC power cords have a standard AC inlet on them which the power cord will be connected with.Different AC cords allow power adapters can be connected to different styles of AC sockets in different countries.

Please check above guide photo which is published by he International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC),it can help us to choose the correct AC plug style for power adapters,but there are also some exceptions. 
                                                                                Two Contacts & Three Contacts
In most countries,single phase AC power has been standardized to be carried by three AC contacts, even if not three contacts are suitable for all appliances. The three contacts consist of two power carrying contacts and a third Ground contact (G).
Power delivery is achieved by the two power carrying contacts and the ground contact to increase safety from dangerous voltages.

Newly designed power adapters which only use a two-contact plug are also with enough insulation to ensure the safety of the design even without the ground contact.
DC Connectors

There are many standard DC connectors and non-standard DC Connectors. Mostly used standard DC Connectors are barrel,Din and USB style.
It must match with the female or male connectors on your applications which requires power adapters to be operated.
Here we will introduce three mentioned connectors to make you have a brief concept of their parameters when choosing them.
1,Barrel connectors are the most commonly used on power adapters.Following content will take you into its world.

Firstly, from the view of shape usually we can see Straight(180 degree) and Right Angle(90 degree) 2styles.Actually there are also some other degree connectors like 110degree,if you need special degree connectors for power adapters,please contact Shenzhen Top Power Co.,Ltd. sales team to start unique design.This point can be understood better from below photo.

Next,sometimes we can see the inner contacts of barrel connector are different,one is with 2 separate metal contacts just like a fork,we call it fork style.The other is with whole round metal contact which is like a horn,we call it horn style.Both styles photoes are as below.

Then we will get to know how to measure barrel connectors size when you need a new power adapter to replace broken one.It has three aspects a)Outer Diameter(OD) b)Inner Diameter(ID) c) Length(L).You can measure them with calliper and compare it with some standard model,below data for your reference,if professional help needed,plese contact Shenzhen Top Power Co.,Ltd. sales team.

Finally, We need to know another important point of DC connector polarity.As we know power adapters output direct current has 2 polarities positive"+" and negative"-",thus DC connector polarity must be correct to ensure it can drive applications,otherwise it will make applications circuit shortage and broken.There are two polarity definitions for barrel connectors: Center positive and Outer negative or Center negative and Outer positive,so below two symbols can be seen on power adapters lable to menifest which one is adopted 

 2,Due to some applications require high current and frequent movement with power adapters,but normal barrel connectors only can deliver not so high current and sometimes can be pulled out,so Din connectors with lock or stuck joint occur.Here only list some usually used styles.

As shown on the photo,there are pins on Din connector,so pin polarity definition should be also confirmed before power adapters manufacturing.

3.The last connector we will introduce is USB style which are used more gradually,it not only can deliver current but also can deliver data,so it is widely used in digital area like camera,mobile phone,portal hardisk,chargers etc.Along with PD charger's popularity TYPE C USB becomes more and more ordinary.Each pin defenition must be regulated based on applications before making power adapter,and below photo for reference.

In summary,there are many AC connectors and DC connectors types on power adapters,so it is a must to understand them well before choosing correct power adapter from Shenzhen Top Power Co.,Ltd.,if any help needed,please contact us.

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