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How to select an External Power Supply?

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1. Applications Power Requirements

Firstly,it is essential to know your appliances required voltage,current,watts.Power supplies output Watts(Pout)=Voltage*Current.These 3 parameters are determined by your appliances,so to be sure the power supplies can drive appliances properly,we should make them as clear as possible.If you are unsure of these parameters,Shenzhen Top Power Co Ltd professional sales can help.

2. Power Supplies Type – Desktop or Wall Plug(fixed plug or interchangeable plug)

External power supplies are usually seen in 2types: desktop or wall plug(fix AC plug or Interchangeable AC plug).Sometimes both types can be fine,however sometimes maybe one type is preferable than the other one:
>Output Watts Ranges:Generally desktop power supplies are applicable for higher watts appliances,while wall plug power supplies are suited for lower watts appliances. Desktop power supplies typically have larger plastic case,so they can offer higher output power.
>Worldwide Markets:If you intend to sell your products into different countries in the world, interchangeable ac plug and desktop power supplies are a good choice.Changeable ac plugs (interchangeable plug) and ac cords (desktops) allow you to use the same power supply in different plug standards countries by changing the ac plugs or ac cords.

>Grounded or Ungrounded: Most desktop power supplies have the options of three pin AC inlet(C6&C14 with grounded wire) or two pin AC inlet (C8 without grounded wire),so do the AC cords. Wall plug power supplies are normally only with two AC pins.
>Size and Removability: If the power supplies will be used in limited space,smaller size wallplug types are more suitable.If the power supplies need to be removed from time to time under some conditions,desktop types with long AC cords are preferred. 

3. Dc Cable length and DC connector/plug size

DC cable is the cable which deliver direct current to your appliances from power supplies,its length shoud be considered to be sure it is long enough to reach your appliances.But its length can affect the power supplies' efficiency level,so it should be appropriate.
As we know the power supplies DC cable must be connected to our appliances to provide power,therefore the correct DC connetor is a critical point.
The connectors of appliances are fixed,so we we must choose the right matched DC connector.
Shenzhen Top Power Co.,Ltd. can provide all of standard sizes DC plugs such as barrel 5.5x2.1mm,barrel 5.5x2.5mm,USB TYPE C,DIN,bare tinned wires and so on,for details please review another article of How to get correct input and output connector for your Power adapter .

4.Safety Standards,Certificates and Efficiency Level Regulations

For various appliances sell in worldwide countries,power supplies shall meet various safety standards and be with various certificates and marks,please review another article of  Power Supply Standards and Certificates to know more about it.

Many countries have efficiency standards which regulate the amount of energy that may be ‘wasted’ by power supplies themselves. Whether it’s Level VI (US), CoC Tier 2 (EU), or ErP Lot 7 (EU) efficiency standards,Shenzhen Top Power Co Ltd can offer compliant models.


5.Cutomized LOGO and Package 

Along with Self-Owned brands boom,customized silk-printed LOGO on power supplies lables or plastic cases and self-designed packages include giftbox,blister,carton demands are increasing gradually.
If you also have these demands,please contact us,Shenzhen Top Power Co Ltd can help your brand to be more polular among markets.


Maybe you will face some problems when select power supplies for new appliances,by working with Shenzhen Top Power Co Ltd, you can ensure that your power supplies not only power the appliances properly but also enhance your appliances' value for your clients.
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